A Robust Selection Awaits at the Chrysler Dealership Near El Paso TX

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The Chrysler dealership near El Paso TX has the surrounding areas covered regarding vehicle purchasing and servicing needs. Not only can customers get in the vehicle of their dreams, but they can also return to where it all started to take advantage of award-winning service provided by trained and qualified technicians. Shopping at Viva Chrysler saves time and money. Traveling across town to meet different vehicular needs is no longer necessary. Chrysler lovers can take advantage of one facility to purchase the vehicle, conduct maintenance, and even buy parts and accessories as needed. 


Stunning Sedans

Chrysler dealership near El Paso TXThe Chrysler dealership near El Paso TX caters to all driving personalities. For those loyal to the classic four-door car, Viva Chrysler offers a surplus of choices. The Chrysler 300 and the 300C are the top dogs of the Chrysler fleet, and Viva proudly provides multiple choices in color and options. A black rendition paired with sport rims produces an image of elegance, class, sport, and superiority in just one vehicle. A deep maroon body paired with a plush leather interior creates a safe space of comfort and ease. Those looking for luxury with a helping of power can find it at Viva Chrysler, as the 300 produces an incredible 485 horsepower with a top speed of 160 mph. The challenge is finding a place to drive that fast legally. 


Chrysler Dealership Near El Paso TX: More Than a Minivan

If your search criteria include the standard minivan, you might consider searching elsewhere. If something cutting edge, however, guides your heart, then a stop at Viva must be made. The dealership offers the Pacifica its generation from compiling SUV thought and minivan space. No other vehicle has portrayed an image of mystery and automotive beauty like this vehicle. While they have traversed the road for an extended time, no one seems to be able to decide if it is truly one or the other. An abundance of leg space and cargo room frequent every inch of the vehicle while its appearance grabs attention and stops people in their tracks. Viva offers every color combination, bell, and whistle available on the Pacifica. The difficulty is found in narrowing the decision down to one. 


Excellent Service

Viva outfits the dealership with the best people for every department, and the service department knows no limitations. Trained professionals make up the team and institute the highest standards when handling customer vehicles. Whether it is a simple oil change or the completion of a safety recall, the Viva technicians manage the case with the highest level of skill and knowledge. Customers can confidently drive away, knowing their vehicles are ready for the roadways. Equal to technician capability, Viva provides excellence in parts with their use of Mopar products. Only the absolute best makes its way inside the vehicle or under the hood. 


Specials and Rebates

The Viva dealership near El Paso truly appreciates the customers who frequent their establishment. As a result, they offer competitive pricing but take it a step further with specials. By providing additional financial savings, Viva makes known the level of appreciation rendered for those who purchase vehicles from their showroom and return them for maintenance. The dealership offers rebates that only intensify the need for regularly scheduled service. With financial savings, Viva takes the initiative to ensure the vehicles it provides are cared for to give customers the most extended vehicular life possible. So if you want to make a new purchase or need a brake job, contact Viva Chrysler at 860 N Telshor Blvd, Las Cruces, NM 88011.

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